Interview with Osama Isaac

Of course, we are very proud to be working together with our Isaac. Isaac has created a beautiful multi language program to learn Dutch. He so does by teaching people from all over the world moving into the Netherlands.

Please read our interview here.

    Osama Isaac ~ Language support

  1. Can you introduce yourself?

    Osama Isaac, 43 Years old, from Yemen. Associate professor at Faculty of Business and Accountancy, Lincoln University College (LUC), Malaysia. Bachelor degree in computer science from Mutah University, Jordan. Master degree in computer science from Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM), doctoral degree in technology management from Universiti Teknologi MARA (UiTM), Malaysia. Founder of Academy, head of MindLab Project (Centre of Research Excellence) at Lincoln University College (LUC), visiting Professor at Guangdong University of Finance, China. Areas of interest include Technology Management, e-learning, scientific research methodology and data analysis in management research.

  2. What inspired you to create “30 Steps with Emma”?

    I realized that Dutch language is a key to many doors in this country such as jobs, Dutch literature, Dutch art, Dutch music, friendships, love, citizenship etc. In addition, my friends in the Camp asked me to help them learn the Dutch language, this is how the idea for the program “30 Steps with Emma” began simply to help myself and others learn the Dutch language. I chose the name “Emma” because, according to one of the statistics, it is the most popular name in the Netherlands, and I usually create a character in my teaching to make the learner interact with it, and the “Cheese SellerEmma” is the character for this program.

  3. What is your biggest motivation to make your Language Support job a success?

    The biggest motivation is the desire to learn and teach. To show how the education is the best solution to cure many misunderstandings. To prove that the people in the most difficult circumstances are able to interact and integrate with the new cultures. And to show that refugees are able to contribute to the prosperity of this country.

  4. What do you hope to achieve with this volunteering job?

    The program of “30 Steps with Emma” is free and I do not seek money or reputation, I only hope to get people’s love and their ability to integrate faster with the Dutch culture, and show appreciation to this society that opened its doors for us.

  5. What is your personal tips to people moving to Netherlands?

    – Learn Dutch, Cycling, & Swimming.
    – Work and live normally with the tough weather.
    – Be on time.
    – Respect laws.
    – Enjoy the diversity & democracy.
    – Visit the museums.
    – Eat Cheese, Stroopwafels, Kroket, Patat, & Bitterballen ^_^

  6. What does a perfect Dutch language lessons look like?

    Those that use the text, audio, image, and video. And interact with the recent technologies such as social networks, apps, and virtual & augmented reality.

  7. What personal achievements are you most proud of?

    – Defending by writing the human rights, freedoms, and democracy in Yemen. – Founding the Academy.
    – Founding the MindLab Project (Centre of Research Excellence).
    – Founding the “De Hoop School” in Haarlem.

    – The doctoral degree.

  8. What is the best moment you have experienced with your current work for the foundation?

    When I heard refugees, especially children, spoken simple words in Dutch, based on the things that they learnt from “30 Steps with Emma” while they are smiling ^_^

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